Smart Home management System

Most of the functions of the Smart Home system are performed automatically after programming scripts. This simplifies the control of the complex, makes it truly autonomous. When developing Smart Home management, all options for changing parameters are taken into account – from automated to manual adjustment of modes and characteristics.
  • Changing the current parameters in manual or automatic mode, the possibility of combining these methods.
  • Remote monitoring of all systems of the complex, from lighting to security, notifying the user about emergency situations.
  • Expanding the functionality of the complex, adding new modules or separate networks to the Smart Home control system, modification.
  • Saving water, energy carriers, setting optimal consumption values taking into account the preservation of living comfort.
Example of a completed project
How does it work?

The main advantage of an automated home complex is enhanced control capabilities. Several stationary touch screens can be installed in the room, to which the main parameters of the system are transmitted. Additionally, remote remotes with various functionality are connected, there is the possibility of remote access via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Everywhere there is an opportunity to control the system— in which room you would not be

How is the Smart Home management system created by the company's specialists:

  1. A list of functionality is being developed, the basis is a task from the customer with recommendations from the company's engineers.
  2. A set of equipment is being compiled – sensors, controllers, screens, switches, switches.
  3. The project of the control system, the choice of equipment – a set of controllers, servers. The control scheme depends on the chosen system – centralized or decentralized.

The latter is important, as it partially affects the autonomy of individual components. For example, when the power is cut off, the generator is automatically activated. But its power will be enough only for the main components of the complex – security, partial lighting of the house or territory.

Control system equipment
Which home automation system to give preference to depends on the tasks set, the scale and complexity of the project, financial and time frames.
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