Four Seasons Hotel Moscow

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  • Place
  • Square
    980 sq.m.
  • Срок выполнения
    6 months
Installed systems
  • Commissioning of the Crestron system

Create project documentation on a ready-made object, re-create all Crestron source files and take them for service.

Project Features

The project came to us ready-made when the renovation was completed and the customer was already living in his apartment. But the problem was that there were no project documentation and source codes for Crestron processors, which made it impossible to make changes in the configuration of the entire system or accept it for maintenance. We had to do a lot of jewelry work to create all the project documentation, and set up the entire Crestron system from scratch. The object itself is large and multifunctional. A large number of different systems are controlled by the Crestron automation system.

  • All project documentation was created from scratch
  • Rebuilt all the equipment anew
  • Fixed non-working elements and put in order
  • Replaced the Crestron portable touch control panel
  • The control interface for all Crestron touch panels has been redrawn
Equipment manufacturers in the project
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