Smart Home System Design

We invent and implement home automation projects within the Smart Home System. We also design and install power and low-voltage electrics.
We offer
  • Conduct premises inspection to determine the work volume and compose a preliminary concept of the Smart Home System
  • Form and coordinate the technical assignment for the future project, based on the customer wishes
  • Elaborate thoroughly and coordinate individual technical solutions for each engineering system in the house
  • Gather a complete package of working documentation for the system and its components, including implementation specification
  • Coordinate the package of documents with the supervisory authorities, if necessary, obtain all the required permits
  • Use strict author's supervision during installation work
Design Results
  • After design stage, the customer receives the following documents:
  • A list of general technical requirements characterizing the project
  • Explanatory note with a thorough description of the Smart Home System technical solutions and technical descriptions of the equipment used
  • Functional and connection diagrams of the equipment used and signal tables
  • Plans and blueprints with the location of equipment in rack stands, billboards, furniture structures, and wall scans
  • Cable magazine, instructions for cable installation and other information on cable networks
  • Specification for all used equipment

The quality and compliance with the standards of the projects carried out by our company's engineers is confirmed by the License of the Gosstroy of the Russian Federation.

When designing the power grid, we take into account all the requirements and norms of state standards for power supply (PUE, PTEEP, GOST, etc.)

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Design is the initial stage of introduction to the operation of the Smart Home system. With the introduction of automation, the topology of the internal power grid differs from the classic version, so the Smart Home project includes not only the low-current part, but also the entire power electrics.

The result of the design is the documentation that forms the basis for further work on the object: equipment and materials are purchased for the project, installation work is underway and commissioning is underway. The working documentation includes cable communication lines, room plans with the location of all devices, linear diagrams of shields, scans, specifications.

The initial data for the design  — design project and technical specification. The terms of reference are drawn up by an engineer in agreement with the customer. It describes in detail the requirements for the future system, the tasks that it should solve.

After agreeing on the terms of reference and obtaining the initial data, the designer begins work. He not only draws the location of elements and draws up documentation, but also develops details of technical solutions, checks the compatibility of various equipment, checks the functionality of each node of the system.