Blinds and curtains in a smart home

Designing an automated control system involves taking into account all factors affecting comfort. In the Smart Home system, curtains and blinds do not just come off remotely. The use of modern equipment allows you to configure various scenarios – from remote control to automatic opening at a certain time.
  • The ability to open / close using the remote control, touch panels, remote connection via smartphone, tablet.
  • Automatic operation depending on the time of day, the intensity of illumination indoors or outdoors.
  • The function of closing the roller shutters after leaving, the process is automatic.
  • Flexible configuration, manual or autonomous control, depending on the required functionality or scenario.
  • Monitoring of the current position of blinds or curtains, including remote.
  • Maintaining a microclimate in the room, automatic closing in strong daylight.
  • Partial opening/closing of blinds, curtains, depending on the selected scenario.
  • Integration with other Smart Home networks for integrated control and management of the system.

At the first stage, the terms of reference are drawn up. The company's specialists explain in detail what functions are possible in the Smart Home complex – automatic curtains, remote-controlled roller shutters, blinds. Then a project is compiled with a complete list of equipment, a description of options and management methods. An alternative is ready–made Smart Home systems that can be adapted to specific conditions.

How does management work?

  1. Setting up the complex. After the installation of the "Smart Home" blinds and other equipment are connected to the system, the initial setup is performed.
  2. The user can change the current parameters on a temporary or permanent basis. This is done in the complex management interface.
  3. Automatic operation. When a certain event occurs (information from presence sensors, illumination or other devices), data is received for processing and executing one or a series of commands.
  4. Manual control. It is carried out using stationary or portable remotes. It is possible to configure the interface, connect mobile devices for remote activation and control.
According to this scheme, it is possible to control not only the roller blinds in the Smart Home, but also all components of the system. To calculate the preliminary cost of the project, you can send an application to the company's specialists. The alternative is to use an online calculator.

To complete the automatic control system, you can choose models from one manufacturer, or make a prefabricated complex. Separately, equipment for monitoring (sensors), parameter changes (panels and remote controls) and actuators are selected. The latter include servos or similar devices.

Arrangement options:

  • Modification of installed curtains, blinds and connection to the Smart Home system. Servos and sensors are mounted, which are combined into a common network. The alternative is a decentralized system for each group of curtains (blinds).
  • Installing a new network. You can choose automatic models with electric drives, which will facilitate the configuration of the complex.
  • Modernization of the existing Smart Home system.
The company's specialists will calculate each option and help you choose the best one. It is important to determine the necessary functions and options of the system.

Control system equipment
Which home automation system to give preference to depends on the tasks set, the scale and complexity of the project, financial and time frames.
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