Smart home solution

for commercial facilities

The effective work of a modern company includes such necessary systems as an intelligent multimedia complex, comfortable and modern premises that are equipped with integrated engineering equipment. All this is offered to us by a Smart home.
Features of the smart home system
Our company offers various lighting systems, control and management of which will satisfy your needs and desires, and most importantly are available. Lighting control is an intelligent network of elements that allows you to remotely control the light in all rooms.
The installation of our electrical supply systems allows you to increase the security of the office and reduce the cost of electricity. Designers often consider issues related to autonomous power supply, which is associated with the constant increase in prices for energy carriers.
To achieve a comfortable atmosphere in the office premises, we integrate the three components of the climate systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as a result of which the systems function as a whole.
The security system management complex includes various devices, such as fire extinguishing and fire automation systems, security and fire alarm systems, video surveillance, control and access control, etc.
The management of conference communication systems allows you to conveniently and quickly contact the office departments, communicate comfortably within the team, transfer confidential information to other branches of the company.
We offer you special technologies that will not become obsolete in a year, nor in five, since each project is created individually for each company, with the ability to connect each multimedia device. Moreover, system management will be available from a tablet or mobile phone.
"Smart home" is an automated and centralized use of various equipment for controlling audio and video equipment, curtains, the degree of illumination of the room, air conditioners and other devices.
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A smart home is a fully automated control system, in which the functions between a person and artificial intelligence are distributed by the priority of manual control.

A smart home is a single system that allows you to easily manage all the variety of modern devices and equipment. The design uses all the necessary tools, starting with classic manual switches and ending with touch panels that are not tied to one specific lamp or air conditioner.
The manual control panel with the Smart Office system (Smart Home) adjusts the volume of sounds, climate and lighting in the premises. The functions of each control panel button are individually selected by the customer and can be changed if desired.

The touch panel has a clear interface, created according to the customer's request. Such a panel allows you to control all the functions of the office, being an interactive multifunctional device, where a plan of all the premises and the office territory is displayed and displayed on a screen with video cameras. With one touch to the panel, you can change the lighting settings, air conditioning, display video on the screen or switch the system to offline mode.

The design and size of the video panel can be different, being divided into stationary and mobile. The Smart Home system can be controlled from a computer or laptop connected to an office LAN or the Internet. Rapidly improving remote access technologies via a phone or laptop allow you to monitor the state of the office even at the other end of the country.

For higher usability, the Smart Home system has a set of specific scenarios with installed programs and automated operation. One system includes the settings of the outlet network, security, multimedia, lighting and climate control installations, which allows you to manage the system comprehensively. All settings are selected by the customer and programmed at the installation stage. At the same time, the owner can, if necessary, quickly change the settings and parameters with the help of any control panel of the Smart Home system.