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Ready-made solutions are the best option for creating a Smart Home system. These are sets of equipment and devices designed to perform the necessary functions. We offer reliable complexes for residential, commercial and hotel facilities. The advantage of this approach is the rapid adaptation of ready–made systems to solve non-standard tasks.

Advantages of ready-made solutions

Convenient operation. All types of control and changes of current parameters are provided – from stationary touch screens to the possibility of remote connection via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The possibility of choice. Based on the technical specifications, the company's engineers will offer several options for ready-made solutions for a Smart Home.

Flexibility of settings. Equipment for automated control systems can be reconfigured according to selected scenarios or events.

Creation of a common or decentralized management scheme. The latter is convenient for large commercial facilities.

Security. Full control over the external and internal perimeter, devices for user identification, automatic transmission of audio and video signals, including to security services.

Description of the system

Our Smart Home solutions are a complete set for creating a new system or integrating into existing ones. They differ in configuration depending on the type of object – residential building, apartment, office, hotel complex. For each option, a basic list of features (functions) is formed, which can be changed later.

What is included in the standard set:

  • Management. Touch panels, switches, switches and remote controls. Separately, the possibility of remote control using tablets, smartphones, laptops is implemented.
  • Control. This is a network of sensors (temperature, humidity, motion, light intensity) that transmit current parameters to the central unit. The user can adjust them, or program automatic scripts when the characteristics change.
  • Design. The ability to choose the appearance of switches, information and touch panels. It is necessary to adapt the "Smart House" complex for a specific interior or general style of the building.
After receiving a request for a Smart Home configuration, prices for ready-made systems are analyzed based on the planned budget and functionality. The company's specialists will prepare several options, help determine the optimal one.