Climate control system

The comfort of living directly depends on the automation of the climate control system in the Smart Home. With the help of the complex, you can control the operation of the heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Installation of additional air sensors, CO2 for a house or apartment will allow you to automatically monitor the indoor air parameters, activate ventilation.
  • Integrated climate control for an apartment, house or office.
  • The ability to program automatic scenarios for heating, ventilation, air conditioning.
  • Convenient control system via wall consoles, touch screens, smartphones, stationary computers, laptops.
  • Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity in automatic mode.
  • Notifying users about an emergency situation, remotely changing the parameters of the climate control system for the apartment.
  • Optimization or expansion of the complex, the addition of new monitoring or control devices.
Example of a completed project
How does it work?

The first stage is the preparation of project documentation. The company's specialists analyze all the components of the future "Smart Home" - climate control, lighting, security, multimedia. Then a technical estimate is formed, a design layout is developed, convenient management methods are developed.

How automatic control of climate systems occurs.

  1. Customization. Sensors, thermostats and other equipment are adjusted to the primary parameters. In the future, the user can change them independently.
  2. Control. When a certain event occurs (a change in temperature, humidity, oxygen or CO2 content), commands are automatically transmitted to the control devices.
  3. Adjustment. With the help of stationary or remote control panels, you can manually adjust the system parameters. Example: activation of heating before arriving home, so that there is enough time to warm up all rooms or individual rooms.

It is important that the parameters of the complex are calculated in advance, the work of all components is coordinated. To do this, we offer the design and installation of climate control for a turnkey apartment, the price depends on the functionality, complexity of the system and budget.

To create a Smart home complex with climate control, it is necessary to select equipment and components. The most common data transfer protocol is KNX. It can be implemented on a special bus, additionally connecting the possibility of monitoring by radio, via a TCP/IP network or a Wi-Fi point.

What you need to create a Smart Home complex with climate control functions:

  • A central control unit, or a decentralized complex. In the first case, all the information goes to the server or a similar device. It is possible to create several independent systems with common management.
  • Equipment for monitoring the main parameters. For heating, these are thermoregulators, thermostats, temperature sensors. They can also be used to control air conditioning in a Smart Home. Oxygen sensors, CO2 sensors, hygrometers are needed for ventilation.
  • Modules for visualization of parameters and manual adjustment. These can be general-purpose touch panels, or individual switches with w/k screens for individual networks of the system. It should be possible to connect remotely via a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The actual installation price depends on the complexity of the project. Specialists will calculate the preliminary cost according to the basic conditions. An alternative is to use an online calculator to generate the primary price for the climate control system "Smart Home".

Control system equipment
Which home automation system to give preference to depends on the tasks set, the scale and complexity of the project, financial and time frames.
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