Lighting system

The creation of convenient lighting control in a Smart Home is included in the set of basic functions of the system. With the help of special devices and gadgets, you can automate the operation of the complex, create several scenarios for various events. The main advantages are ease of use and speed of changing the current parameters.
  • Lighting control in the "Smart house" depending on the time of day, the presence of tenants in the rooms.
  • Automation of work – motion (presence) sensors initiate the switching on of lights in rooms in the presence of people.
  • Several scenarios – from dim spot lighting to activation of all light sources.
  • Power saving mode, the ability to adjust brightness and intensity.
  • Separate scenarios for outdoor and indoor lighting, the latter can become part of the security system.
  • Alternative ways of using light sources – as an alarm clock, alerts about visitors.
Example of operation of the control system

When designing a Smart Home lighting control system, all factors are taken into account: light sources, their placement, devices for monitoring and changing parameters. At the first stage, one or more schemes are created – the location of devices inside the building, on the external territory. Then an estimate is made with a complete list of equipment. It is important to form requirements for how light control in a Smart Home should respond to changes in external factors, and develop a set of scenarios.

Stages of work:

  1. Setting up a light control system, switching controllers with sensors, switches, switches, dimmers.
  2. Creating scenarios for certain events – changing the time of day (morning, evening, night), activating the security complex, watching a home theater.
  3. Methods for manually changing parameters. Through the central control console, using switches, switches, dimmers. The possibility of remote connection to the system via an application on a smartphone, tablet.

It is important that in a "Smart home" the light performs all the assigned functions with maximum automation. It depends on the chosen management system, the developed scenarios and the overall project.

Control system equipment
Which home automation system to give preference to depends on the tasks set, the scale and complexity of the project, financial and time frames.
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