Security and access system

The Smart Home security complex is an automated monitoring, management and notification system. The composition includes sensors, control panels, transmitting devices of signals, including over wireless communication lines. With the help of the Smart Home security system, all possible situations are monitored – fire and security alarms, protection against gas leaks, water leaks, video surveillance. The capabilities of the kit are determined by the functionality and the selected equipment.
  • Notification of unauthorized access to an apartment, house, or house territory.
  • Monitoring of the work of video surveillance, including remote.
  • Setting up a fire alarm system.
  • Advanced capabilities of the security complex, the possibility of zoned control.
  • GSM control, change of current parameters.
  • Automatic notification of services about emergency situations.
  • The ability to obtain images from video cameras on a smartphone, tablet.
  • Using televisions to transmit video signals from security cameras.
  • Switching with Smart Home units – sensors, servers, controllers.
  • Quick setup of the system, the ability to create scenarios to simulate the presence of residents.
Example of a completed project

The capabilities of the security system for an apartment, private house or office are determined by the project. Specialists will analyze the basic requirements, compile an optimal list of equipment for a Smart Home, and provide several options for managing the complex.

The main features of the system:

  • Creating scenarios for standard situations – fire hazard, penetration beyond the perimeter, gas, water leakage or power outage.
  • The formation of access for a certain circle of people with the possibility of setting restrictions for each user.
  • Step-by-step identification.
  • Setting up monitoring and control via touch panels, screens in the house, remote access.
  • Change of current parameters by verified users.

The main task is to combine maximum automation of the Smart Home alarm system with work efficiency. The priority is to ensure security in all aspects of the system.

How does it work?

According to the project, a list of equipment, a control and management scheme is compiled. Information from sensors of the video surveillance system, controllers is sent to selected blocks – touch screens, monitors of stationary computers, tablets, smartphones.

When an emergency situation occurs, a programmed scenario is automatically executed – the transfer of information to the user, the security service. This can be done simultaneously. Regardless of the location of the security system for a private home, the devices will send an alert, video image, audio track.

The main components of the smart home security system:

  • Sensors. They record changes and transmit a signal to the control devices. They are responsible for fire safety, traffic inside the building and in the surrounding area, the appearance of gas leaks, water pipes, power surges.
  • Alarm. Activates lighting, sound notification, automatic signal transmission, video images to the user, security services.
  • Control blocks. They are necessary for data processing, programming of various scenarios. Using the KNX bus or other protocols, they form a single Smart Home security network.

An additional function is the imitation of presence. For a certain time, the control devices remember the actions of users and can reproduce them during their absence. You can program your own scenario of lighting behavior, blinds operation.

Control system equipment
Which home automation system to give preference to depends on the tasks set, the scale and complexity of the project, financial and time frames.
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