We are creating a Smart Home — a unified building management system.
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What services we offer:

  • Designing. Development of project documentation for Smart home systems of various complexity, selection of equipment. Additionally, schemes of installation and complete arrangement for power and low-current electrics are drawn up.
  • Mounting. Installation of equipment, provision of communication between individual elements of the system. All installation activities are carried out by the company, which guarantees quality.
  • Equipment. Selection of Smart Home components based on the technical conditions of the project. A selection of equipment from different manufacturers is provided with a detailed description of the characteristics and differences. Creation of convenient control schemes for the complex.
  • Commissioning works. Full configuration of the Smart Home system, from the configuration of control units to sensor parameters. Testing and multi-stage verification will eliminate the possibility of errors.
  • After-sales service. Comprehensive and random inspection of functioning systems, individual elements. It is possible to reconfigure the parameters for new technical conditions.

To order the service, it is enough to call the company's managers or leave a request on our website. Specialists will prepare an optimal work plan, form a budget. Additionally, they will provide technical information and advice on general issues of cooperation.