Energy saving management system

The development and installation of energy saving management systems is necessary to control the consumption of water, electricity, gas. Additionally, the safety of the operation of the "Smart Home" is increased, sending automatic notifications about the occurrence of emergency or emergency situations.
  • Disabling unused loads
  • Water flow control
  • Lighting control
  • Accounting of meter data (gas, water, electricity)
  • Remote control of equipment, devices and electrical outlets
  • Emergency shutdown in critical equipment situations and SMS notification about it on your phone.
  • Rational use of electrical appliances, thermal equipment.
Example of a completed project

The main task of the complex is to optimize resource consumption. To do this, the company's engineers individual systems are being developed or ready-made projects are being adapted. The models of sensors, control and monitoring devices are selected. A separate plan is being drawn up for the modernization of existing household and engineering equipment – meters, plumbing and electrical appliances.

How does it work?

  1. Drafting, selection of resources, the consumption and condition of which need to be monitored.
  2. Selection of equipment for equipping the system.
  3. Installation and adjustment, configuration of scenarios, notification methods.
  4. Checking the operability of the complex.
The company offers the implementation of integrated solutions for energy conservation management, modernization or expansion of the functionality of existing systems. Specialists will provide free consultation, the engineering department will develop an optimal plan for the implementation of tasks.

Control system equipment
Which home automation system to give preference to depends on the tasks set, the scale and complexity of the project, financial and time frames.
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