Smart home solution

for apartment and home

The Smart Home system provides the user with ample opportunities for quick and convenient management of all home systems, the so-called one-button control. The implementation of a remote control system for engineering communications is carried out through a special mobile application.
Features of the smart home system:
heating, ventilation and air conditioning system management

  • Temperature control in rooms with thermostats and touch screens
  • Maintaining optimal air temperature
  • General management of all climate systems
  • Floor heating, humidification and air ionization
  • Well-coordinated operation of heating/cooling devices
  • Central Management
  • Energy-saving scenarios
  • Sensors for dust and air smoke
  • Remote mode management
  • Ventilation of premises by CO2 sensor
  • Scenario management
  • Management from iOS, Android mobile devices
music management in the whole house

  • A single audio system in the whole house
  • Distribution of one audio signal across different rooms: from any source, the audio signal is output to any audio zone.
  • Enabling the same music in multiple zones at the same time or managing them separately
  • Play music from any source in any room
  • Convenient music control from a tablet, computer or smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows) from wall panels of a smart home;
  • Music management in the framework of common scenarios
  • Mute the sound of the enabled devices if you get a call at the door or on the phone
  • Tracking sound (enabling/muting/disabling the sound depending on the presence of people in the room)
video management, video signal distribution in different rooms

  • Unified multimedia system in the whole house
  • The rooms have only televisions and acoustics
  • Unified media library and navigation
  • Multimedia equipment management
  • «Turn on » or «turn off» home theater with one button
  • Video cameras and intercom integration
  • Scenario management
  • Management from iOS, Android mobile devices
management of curtains, blinds, awnings, entrance gates, television elevators, etc.

    Flexible control of individual curtains, gates, blinds, shutters or groups of them
  • Control of curtains, blinds, roller shutters in the presence simulation mode
  • Joint management of curtains and blinds in the framework of light scenes
  • Remote gate management
  • Automatic adjustment of the position of curtains and blinds
  • Scenario management
  • Management from iOS, Android mobile devices
additional control and monitoring

  • Video surveillance — Viewing all cameras from a tablet or smartphone
  • Monitoring of water and gas leaks
  • Security and fire alarm system
  • Access control systems
  • Gas and water leakage monitoring and prevention systems
  • Tracking the service life of water filters
  • Notification of necessary maintenance
  • Notification in emergency situations
  • Prevention of accidents, leaks or failures in the operation of the system
  • Scenario management
  • Management from iOS, Android mobile devices
light scenarios pleasing to the eye

  • Scenario lighting control
  • Automatic switching on/off of lighting by sensors
  • Special modes of turning on the light at 30% at night
  • Dimming of lighting (smooth adjustment of light brightness)
  • RGB Ribbon Color Management
  • Illumination control by illumination sensors
  • Scenario light control
  • Master buttons «Turn off all the lights in house»
  • Turning on the atmospheric Stage lighting «Morning», «Evening», «Guests»
  • Management from iOS, Android mobile devices
  • Control of internal power supply
  • Automatic backup power supply system when the central power supply unit is disconnected
  • Autonomous ventilation and heating control system
  • Heating of the roof and gutters
  • Seamless Wi-Fi network, with reliable protection
  • Using media content on the Internet
  • Sophisticated technologies for quick system updates without complex repairs
  • Automatic on/off of territory lighting by motion sensor
  • Remote lighting control
  • Automatic watering
  • Music management on the site
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