Commissioning works

First, we fully program and configure, and then carefully check the operation of all automation systems: engineering and intelligent components of a Smart home.
We offer
  • We check the correctness of all engineering systems
  • We draw up a technical task for setting up systems and scenarios
  • Testing the operation of intelligent components of automated systems
  • We configure and specify the necessary parameters of a Smart home
  • We debug scenarios of equipment operation
  • During the trial operation period, we adjust the parameters of the Smart Home and work scenarios at the request of customers
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Commissioning is a mandatory stage after the installation of the Smart Home system. Specialists of our company check the technical condition of the entire complex and individual elements, the correct connection and functioning. To do this, we use professional equipment, technologies and tools recommended by manufacturers.

Stages of commissioning.

  1. Checking the parameters of the power grid. The total load, minimum and maximum voltage requirements are taken into account. It is important to check the correct connection of the system components.
  2. Analysis of the operability of individual equipment models. Testing of all modes of operation, according to the project requirements and passport characteristics.
  3. Feedback control between Smart Home components over a wired network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other communication methods. The information transfer rate and the absence of errors in the packets are checked.
  4. Testing of control systems. These include changes in operating modes and visual control via remote controls, stationary units, touch screens. Special applications for mobile devices – smartphones, tablets - are configured separately.

To carry out the commissioning of the Smart Home intelligent complex, we use standard protocols from equipment manufacturers, as well as our own developments. This approach allows you to identify and correct errors even at the stage of checking the system, in all possible modes of operation.

After the events, detailed operating instructions are compiled, recommendations for the maintenance of the complex are provided. The company gives guarantees for all types of work performed, free consultation by our specialists is possible.