Smart Home System Installation

The company implements a full cycle of work, including Smart Home System installation and the entire range of electrical functions. Electrical installation department fulfills customer orders by full-time employees, without subcontractor involvement.

We offer
  • Cable laying (power, low-voltage)
  • Disconnection of electrical and automation panels
  • Installation of terminal equipment: sockets, switches, sensors, lamps
  • Installation supervision
  • Wiring is installed under State Standard R 50571.5.52-2011; PES; SP-31-110-2003.
  • Installation of Smart Home Systems and building automation
  • Installation of low-voltage systems: video surveillances, intercoms, security alarms, TV, and computer networks
  • Installation of audio/video equipment, including built-in acoustics and home theaters
  • Installation of backup power supply (generators, automatic reserve activation, uninterruptible power supply)

The quality and compliance with the standards of the projects carried out by our company's engineers is confirmed by the License of the Gosstroy of the Russian Federation.

When designing the power grid, we take into account all the requirements and norms of state standards for power supply (PUE, PTEEP, GOST, etc.)

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The Smart Home System is installed in stages, according to the actual facility readiness deadlines, considering the final phases of finishing and construction work.

Cable stretching is implemented after the approval and confirmation of the working documentation at the premises’ ready phase. The stage is considered completed when the marked cable is fully installed according to the project. If the subcontractor carries out the first stage, installation supervision is implemented with a one-time verification of compliance with the design documentation of cable routes.

This stage requires increased attention and responsibility because in the future the ceiling and walls will be sewn up, which won’t allow making any changes to the cable laying or adding a new cable.

Finishing is the next step after the previous one. It’s best not to install electrical equipment in the "dirty" finishing phase, to prevent any dust damage to the equipment and electrical panels.

When finishing work is completed, the installation of automation systems, terminal and panel equipment begins. Multimedia and low-voltage systems are mounted at the same time.

Full compliance with the working design of cable routes and installed equipment guarantees uninterrupted, stable functioning of the entire system. Solely for this reason, it’s best to do the entire installation work of Smart Home System and related equipment by our highly qualified full-time experts.